A taste of a Cold rain~ Random thought for the day


Staring blanky , looking out my window enjoying the view of birds on the mid air while sipping a hot black coffee. I was enjoying a cozy spot.And a touch of a cold air swept my feet this brings sudden sensation of eeriness and sends some thought of someone from the past. My brother, I thought of him .I don’t believe in ghost just familiar spirit but yeah I remember him. Because he used to touch my feet a lot. He’s a weird guy.

This brings me to a realization that people really come and go. Painful memories haunts us everytime.What brings pain is the reality that we can no longer see that person again just an image fading away.Regrets and what if’s and why’s unending questions.And at the end of the day we don’t have any choice but to face the reality it’s all gone.

He’s part of the earth now ,where we belong someday.

–I’m ok it’s just a random thought to share 🙂 🙂





Getting to know myself

I’m on the verge of being unknown. I don’t know what  I want or where I want to be.

Well I know how freedom can be prominent in self awareness. And truth is the door to freedom of self expression.

I’ve tried things, randomly reading book passages, keeping track of some nuggets of wisdom from books and writers.

But I end up being a shapeshifter of principles, that I don’t know what to believe anymore.

This confussion leads me to complete insanity, and later on to realization.

I’m obsess with the fact that I’m searching, I’m looking for answers.

I want to be like this , I want to be like that , I want to learn this, I want to learn that.

I end up being so full of  myself.


No.. no it’s not me .

Until I met Christ,

Before I was so full of things I want for myself , for me , for my own benefit. So full of me  I want to be unique from others , I want to be someone, a better version of myself.

But after knowing Christ How He left His Sovereignty, He left the Heavens, His throne, His Riches everything to be anonymous in the eyes of men.

Dwell with men on earth, suffer from pain, shame and death for me.

I felt so ashamed How can I be so self centered.How can I only think of myself .

I realized I don’t need to get to know me ..I need to know Jesus so I can be like

Him. It’s all about Him .



1.6 When everything doesn’t make any sense at all.



Nobody knows , It’s seems that nobody cares.

Words are meaningless, No matter how much you tried to express it

how many times you’ll say it , It’s just words …

And it doesn’t make any sense at all.


People will hear it , and go on with their life and will soon forget about what you said


There is no perfect freedom unless you’ll expose yourself

The truth hurts, feelings meant to be hurt it’s function is to feel

Feelings are just feelings, It won’t kill you

unless you let yourself consumed by it.


What I care about is my purpose

If I  live just for myself , I am nothing but flesh and bone

soon everything will fade away , I will turn into ash and be a part of  earth

Everything that I accomplish will turn into ashes and be part of this earth

where I came from

If I live to make treasures and riches and leave possesions

It doesn’t make anysense at all for it’s temporary

Everything that I earned from hardwork full 8 hrs a day with 5 days of work  in a week

will contribute to my funeral expenses ,

Nothing’s make  sense…

Why this loneliness fills deep in the  soul of how people spend their time

on things without knowing the true purpose of living.















Book Summary: The Mindful Athlete

Exceptionaly Written !!

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Book: The Mindful Athlete


This book is a useful field guide for mindfulness training, both in your personal and professional life. The author does a great job at laying out concepts and techniques that we can all apply in our daily lives.

Mindful Athlete

The following are the passages I took away from the book The Mindful Athlete by George MumfordAll content credit goes to the author(s).

Ground Zero: A Sense of Urgency

“The only way out is always through.” — ROBERT FROST

  • “The gift of desperation compels us to move forward. Without fire in our lives, we sometimes don’t have the internal combustion necessary to change and take risks.”
  • “Having your ass on fire—or what I call AOF—not only moves us human beings into action, but compels us to seek our truths and act with conviction in life.”

Mindfulness: Eye of the Hurricane

“Between stimulus and response…

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1.4 If we can just Ctrl+Z life


We are nothing but an outcome of what we are yesterday. What we have become is either a consequence of our permissive actions for either positive or negative decisions.What we are today is a choice.

Everything we have in life is a product of our choices. We can’t blame other people or even God of what we have become in life even our parents.

I believe that If we are born unfortunate, let’s say we are in the worst situations far beyond we can think of  Sickness,Disability,Poverty, Any worst case scenarios,maybe it’s hard to imagine the worst thing that could happen to someone’s life. Goodthings happen to people with positive mindset and words full of encouragement.

I believe that the more we declare positive things in life even in worst situation it really does make a change.Rather that ranting how life can be cruel to, how bad your situation is and how hard it has been. But instead its more encouraging to say how hopeful you are that hopeless situation you can manage to smile and thanked God for everything.

We can’t control circumstances, we can do advances and prevention but in worst times and situations there’s always a choice it is either to smile it all  and Give Thanks to God or let the bitterness fill your heart.

We can’t change the past. Our future is composed of every decisions, choices  we have to day make the most out of it.

Have a Blessed Day!





Freezing points 

Winter is coming and I’m ready I have my furry coat on.
Have you gone into the lowest degree of your self ?
There came a point in our lives that  whether we like it or not, We will be dealing with this kind of situation.
It’s a natural phase , a season and an experience to learn.
Sometimes you really need to experience
being left out in the cold in order to know that
you can stand alone, there is nothing or no one to keep you warm, unless you rub your palms,or hug your self.
And also to isolate or distance your self to hear more to think and ponder about things.
The lowest point or the freezing points in ourselves are the deepest.
That’s the time that we can get to know, analyze things.
It shapes our way of thinking and also makes us more emotionally strong.
I am into this process now. I know myself I hate the feeling of boredom
I hate the feeling of being in floating situation , where I have no idea where I am or where to start again.